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Why Use An Electronic Cigarette Instead Of a Tobacco Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is gadget that is powered by a battery. Through its vaporized solution, a smoker is able to inhale doses of nicotine.   Different companies and end users may use different terms to refer to this device.

For instance, it is referred to as Electronic Smoking Device, E-Fag, Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs), Nicotine Vaporizer and Personal Vaporizer (PV). There is also an E-Cigar which is at times referred to as an E-Gar, and an E-Pipe. This device is an alternative to smoked tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.
In general, an e-cigarette consists of three parts. They include:
• A power source – normally a battery or wire that is used to draw power from a USB port
• An atomizer (which houses the heating element)
• A cartridge (the liquid storage material container)
There are some e-cigarettes where the atomizer and cartridge are combined and are generally known as cartomizers.
According to the manufacturers, electronic cigarettes are poised to be the future of smoking.  The e-cigarettes provide smokers with everything they could want. They give them the ability to have nicotine in a way that is almost similar to smoking a cigarette. Most importantly, since they don’t contain any tobacco, produce any smoke and don’t leave any tar behind, they offer the freedom of many modern conveniences.
E-cigarettes became a force to be reckoned with instantly the moment they hit the market, making the tobacco industry to stop in its tracks. It was the first time in history that a valid tobacco option appeared and was popular with smokers.  They are more preferable to tobacco in virtually every single way since they are created to go beyond the standard equivalent smoking experience.
More smokers are becoming aware of the long-term dangers of smoking. Considering the very user-friendly alternative that lie in these cigarettes, smokers are turning to them at a very fast rate. It is not logical to use a product that contains lots of carcinogens and health hazards when you have a better option. The genuine alternative has appeared at last.
The following are among the numerous benefits that can be found with e-cigarettes.
They don’t contain:
• Any tobacco
• Any tar
• Any smoke
• Any ash
They can be smoked anywhere.
They don’t lead to:
• Stained teeth
• Any odor
• Smokers Breath
This is precisely what smokers all over the world have desired for many years. Generally, non-smokers do not want cigarettes near them and as such they greatly look down upon smokers. This leaves smokers with very few options as to where and when they can take a puff.
In addition, a pack of electronic cigarettes costs far much less than the traditional pack of cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, there is a great saving without the health risks and inconveniences associated with the traditional tobacco cigarettes.
It is therefore no wonder that the electronic cigarette market is expanding at an incredibly fast rate as many smokers make the leap. There is a great push by customers, retailers, wholesalers and distributions to exploit this expanding industry as the sense of urgency grows.
Many people don’t have any problem switching over and quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes on their very first day with the electronic cigarette. However, others smokers are somehow unable to do so. It may take you longer to switch to e-cigarette and get accustomed to it. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to find a way of training yourself to use the electronic cigarette instead of a tobacco cigarette.


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